Projections and forecast models



Some things can be predicted: stocks run out, people get older and we can expect taxes to be with us for some time yet. In other cases, it is a lot more difficult or sometimes even impossible to make an accurate forecast.

We relish the challenge posed by more difficult cases to arrive at useable results.


What can we do for you

In the case of large quantities of data, with partially hidden or complex relationships, it makes sense to think about models that can be used to assess those relationships. We have a number of econometrics and data science specialists who love mining data to the utmost, without losing sight of the applicability. Using extrapolations of past experiences, we can arrive at forecasts on the basis of models, with which to support policy (planning).

In some cases it may make sense to choose the least complex solution, such as in situations where (public) support has to be generated and the chosen solution has to be as transparent as possible. We are happy to help you take account of such aspects, in order to arrive at the most practical solution.


Make your own forecasts

As a rule, forecasts are associated with lots of uncertainties. We have to be honest about that. Unfortunately, in practice people often need just one clear result with which to convey a clear message. The usual solution is to work with scenarios. However, we are also able to quantify the extent of uncertainties with statistical knowledge.

If required, we can develop user-friendly software that can be used by the client to make their own forecasts.

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dr. Hendri Adriaens
dr. Hendri Adriaens
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