Dashboard as visual support tool

Dashboards can help us create a comprehensive overview of large amounts of data and provide valuable insights that contribute to effective policy.

Below, we show a selection of dashboards that we have previously developed for our network.

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IPTO dashboard for the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science

Each year, all secondary schools in the Netherlands provide us with data on the number of teaching hours taught per week and per subject at their school, and the percentage of those hours taught by qualified staff. The Integrale Personeelstelling Onderwijs (IPTO) dashboard presents these data from all over the country in an accessible way.

Pilot KRW Dashboard for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

The quality of groundwater and water in rivers, lakes, and brooks should be improved, including in the Netherlands. This is why the Kaderrichtlijn Water (KRW) was introduced. In a pilot project, we developed a dashboard to present the water quality of a section of surface water bodies across the Dutch territory. The water quality is evaluated based on a set of policy-relevant parameters following a data-driven approach that we developed.

In the future, the dashboard could potentially be further developed to provide a nationwide overview of all water bodies in the Netherlands and thus show the current state of affairs regarding the KRW-program.

LISS data archive

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Meet our team
Marcia den Uijl MSc
Marcia den Uijl MSc
Deputy head of Policy Research & Analytics / Senior data scientist
Maarten Streefkerk MSc
Maarten Streefkerk MSc
Survey researcher