Target group research


Target group research

How is the quality of life of people who have or have had cancer? To what extent do recent Master graduates manage to find jobs? How do victim support services help victims cope with their experiences?

This is just a small and random sample of the many projects conducted by Centerdata in the field of target group research. These are research projects conducted outside Centerdata’s representative LISS panel. It is possible to examine a specific target group using the LISS panel, but the category of target group research concerns research aimed at target groups supplied by the client.

On behalf of diverse clients, we regularly collect (online) data about specific target groups, ranging from students to school boards, pension funds to children’s daycare organizations, and from welfare recipients to employers. The goal is always to collect data to support scientific, policy-relevant and socially relevant research.


Tailored approach

We usually work for clients that expect the highest standards regarding the content and technical features of a questionnaire, and regarding respondents’ privacy. By combining our IT know-how with our expertise in questionnaire research and advanced data analyses, we are able to provide our clients with tailored solutions.


Research from A to Z

We are specialized in all aspects of the research process. This includes for instance:

  • advice on questionnaire development
  • programming questionnaires using our self-developed software
  • fielding questionnaires among your specific target group using (tailored and secure) data infrastructures
  • achieving the highest possible response rate
  • cleansing and delivering data files in any preferred format
  • table reports, written reports and interactive dashboards


Your information is secure with us. Centerdata uses GDPR-compliant methods and is ISO 27001-certified.

A sample of our projects

IKNL / hospitals:

Research into the quality of life of people who have or have had cancer




Research into transgressive behavior in sports


Platform Arbeidsmarkt Kinderopvang:

Research into the tight job market for children’s daycare



Student monitor – research into students’ experiences with a variety of student services



SHN (victim panel):

Research into victims by establishing a victim panel



Research into job opportunities for Master graduates



  • Research into staff shortages in primary schools
  • Career monitor – research into job opportunities for recently graduated teachers



Research into indicators of (organized) crime and unlawful activities on business parks

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Meet our team
Suzan Elshout MSc
Suzan Elshout MSc
Hosting coordinator / Senior survey researcher