Policy research


Evaluating policy

Suppose you’re looking for an answer to a (policy-related) question. You either have data available about the underlying issue, or you still need to collect data, of either quantitative or qualitative nature.

In that case we are happy to discuss your requirements with you, look for the best possible approach, estimate the feasibility and costs, and will implement the project if you wish.


Our working method: a joint approach

Before we start the research process, we will first want to discuss the following topics with you:  

  • What is your research question?
  • Is it clear how your question could be answered or is it necessary to refine your research question?
  • Are the necessary data available or does the data still need to be collected?
  • In what format should the findings be made available?
  • How actively do you want to be involved with the research and in what role?
  • What expertise do we offer with regard to your research question?
  • Planning for the quotation and research process.

We will start the research project as soon as you let us know that you are happy with our proposal.  As a minimum, we will meet all our obligations as set out in the proposal.


Why us?

Centerdata is a research institute that is specialized in data collection and analyses and is linked to Tilburg University. We are expert researchers who will listen carefully to your requirements before delivering innovative solutions. Our link with the university means that we have a large pool of knowledge and expertise at our disposal.

We have facilities for data collection, including an internet panel. Our highly qualified staff collectively have years of experience in conducting research for our clients. You can benefit from our short communication lines, comprehensible results, accessible presentations and clear reports. If required, we can even develop an (internet) application you can use to access or analyze data or results yourself.

Further information? Please contact us.

Meet our team
dr. Hendri Adriaens
dr. Hendri Adriaens
Senior researcher
dr. Patricia Prüfer
dr. Patricia Prüfer
Head of Policy Research & Analytics
Marcia den Uijl MSc
Marcia den Uijl MSc
Deputy head of Policy Research & Analytics / Senior data scientist