Survey Research

Joris Mulder MSc

LISS coordinator/ Senior survey researcher

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About Joris Mulder

Joris works as a senior survey researcher at Centerdata and is the Coordinator of the LISS panel. He is the contact person for all unpaid activities of LISS, such as the content and planning of questionnaires from the LISS Core Study and all projects that are carried out in the context of grant funding. He is also the contact person for the dissemination of the core questionnaires in the LISS Data Archive, and he is responsible for the quality of the LISS panel (size, representativeness and response) and the quality of the data collected at the LISS panel. He is the ‘go-to person’ for users of the LISS data, especially for general, methodological and statistical questions related to the LISS panel. Joris also takes care of promoting the awareness of the LISS panel and stimulating the use of the collected data. In addition, he coordinates activities that are carried out within the framework of innovative developments between the LISS panel and ODISSEI.

Joris was trained in computer science and graduated in Social and Economic Psychology (MSc.) from Tilburg University in 2010. After graduating, he continued studying data science. As a social and economic psychologist with an affinity for technology and data science, Joris has knowledge of human behavior within socio-economic decision-making processes and specific technical knowledge and experience with the implementation and management of extensive and innovative research projects, applying various forms of research methods (e.g. online survey research, (mixed-mode) experiments, face-to-face interviews and (online) focus groups and data science techniques).