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Maarten Streefkerk MSc

Survey researcher

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About Maarten Streefkerk

Maarten Streefkerk has been a Survey Researcher at Centerdata since 2009 and carries out contract research for the LISS panel as well as the Centerpanel.

He is closely involved in the architecture of the LISS data archive, the set-up of the DHS data access website, project manager of various modules within the DNB Household Survey (DHS) and innovative data collection studies such as the Time Expenditure Study (SCP) and the Mobility Study (UTwente).

Due to his previous education (Psychology – Cognitive Ergonomics) and his experience as a usability consultant, he sets great store by user’s ease and by the experience of panel members, end users of (data dissemination) systems, and clients. He also focuses on efficiency and standardization of processes related to data collection and data dissemination.