Policy research & Analytics

Marcia den Uijl MSc

Deputy head of Policy Research & Analytics / Senior data scientist

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About Marcia den Uijl

Marcia has been working at Centerdata as a data scientist since 2015 and has been deputy head of the Policy Research & Analytics department since the beginning of 2022. She completed a study in econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After her graduation, she acquired ten years of experience in developing software, e.g. for calculation models and business intelligence.

At Centerdata she has been involved with:

  • Mirror, the forecasting model for the education labor market;
  • the Career Monitor, which focuses on the labor market situation of newly graduated teachers;
  • the integral education staff count (IPTO), a periodic collection of information about the lessons given in secondary education.

In addition, she participated in IT labor market research with top sectors; with (NLP) analyses of vacancy texts and calculating optimal professional transitions.

She is also involved in the Smart Start programme, in which data and knowledge are used to identify (risks of) complex problems in children and families at an early stage.

She applies NLP techniques for various other projects, including sentiment analysis and topic modeling. She is able to perform analyses on a wide range of data sources, from micro data from Statistics Netherlands (being an authorized user) to Twitter data and web scraping.