Policy research & Analytics

dr. Millie Elsen

Senior researcher

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About Millie Elsen

Millie Elsen works as a senior researcher in the unit Consumer Research within the Policy Research & Analytics department.

She primarily works in contract research for external clients in the field of consumer behavior and marketing. A few examples: How can consumers be incentivized to pay with their debit card instead of with cash (Foundation for Efficient Payment Methods, SBEB)? How should energy labels be displayed on consumer products in web stores to promote the purchase of energy efficient products (European Commission)? Which consumers are the most vulnerable to fraud in online banking and how can they be made more resilient to fraud (Dutch Banking Association)? Millie is also involved in education within the Master’s program of Marketing Management/Marketing Research at Tilburg University.

After completing her Research Master in Marketing (consumer behavior track) in 2008, she received her PhD in 2012 in Marketing, both at Tilburg University. During her PhD research, she studied how the effectiveness of advertisements depends on how long they are viewed, from extremely short (100 milliseconds) until extremely long (30 seconds). Millie is specialized in experimental research. She considers it a challenge to combine scientific knowledge in the fields of consumer behavior and psychology with thorough experimental designs and advanced data analysis techniques.