Survey Research

dr. Natalia Kieruj

Senior survey researcher

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About Natalia Kieruj

Natalia Kieruj has worked at Centerdata since October 2011. She develops and programs questionnaire research, provides for online data collection in the LISS panel as well as in the Centerpanel, analyzes the data and reports on the research results. She is also responsible for the methodological framework for panels.

She graduated cum laude as a social psychologist at Tilburg University in 2007. She then worked as a PhD student in the Research Methodology department at the same university where she performed research into response styles in attitude studies. These studies focused on the causes for using extreme response styles and on applying a Latent Class Confirmatory Factor Analysis to correct this style of answering.

Natalia received her PhD on March 2, 2012. The title of her dissertation is: “Question format and response style behavior in attitude research”.