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Pradeep Kumar MSc

Data scientist

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About Pradeep Kumar

In October 2016, Pradeep Kumar joined Centerdata as a data engineer.

He received his Master’s degree (MSc) in Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology  (TU/e). Before that, Pradeep obtained a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur (India).

Prior to achieving his Master’s degree, Pradeep has worked as a knowledge engineer and project manager with companies like Tata Motors and Suzuki for seven years. He has extensive experience with information management and applied Robotics, HMI development, PLC programming, CNC programming, and integration of hardware components for electrical engineering. He has also contributed to various cross-functional projects across France, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

He worked on Bayesian machine learning techniques and the implementation of these Bayesian inference techniques in software packages (BayesPy, ForneyLab). In addition, he has worked on biomedical/physiological signal processing, building model with extracted features using machine learning tools, and design of RF front-end devices for ISM band.

At Centerdata, Pradeep is part of the data science team and is working in collaboration with the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science and the Data Science Center Tilburg on several projects applying machine learning techniques and big data solutions.