Policy research & Analytics

dr. Roxanne van Giesen

Senior researcher

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About Roxanne van Giesen

Roxanne works as a researcher for the unit Consumer research within the Policy Research & Analytics department. As a researcher and project leader she is involved in projects in the consumer behaviour field. Central in these projects is how consumers form attitudes, motivations and make choices and decisions. She was involved in several projects for the European Commission, for Dutch ministries and companies. For instance, how behavioural interventions help consumers to make more sustainable food choices and to save energy. Roxanne has substantive experience with survey, experimental, eye-tracking and longitudinal research and corresponding statistical techniques.

Roxanne studied social psychology at Tilburg University and graduated in 2010 with a (research) master degree in social and behavioural sciences (social and economic psychology). After her study she started her PhD research at Wageningen University on consumer attitude formation towards unfamiliar things, such as nanotechnology. During her PhD she further specialized in consumer behaviour and judgment and decision making.