Survey Research

Suzan Elshout MSc

Hosting coordinator / Senior survey researcher

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About Suzan Elshout

Suzan Elshout has been a Survey Researcher at Centerdata since July 2010. She conducted a large number of research projects (in diverse areas of research) for various ministries, research companies and universities. In addition to research conducted in the Centerdata panels, Suzan also applies her Internet-based survey expertise to conduct research among target groups supplied by clients. In close collaboration with the IT department, she coordinates projects that make use of (customized) hosting systems. As project manager, she was responsible for testing and error-free delivery of the questionnaires and for communication with all parties involved.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology, Suzan graduated cum laude in the Research Master of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Tilburg University (2-year Master’s program). She worked at the same university in 2008 in the Experimental Social Psychology Lab. Suzan began her activities as Assistant Survey Researcher at Centerdata in June 2009.